Geek talkPapaver somniferum

But we talkPoppy seeds, Khas khas (Hindi, Urdu), Mohn (German)

DescriptionPoppy is a unique plant which has a wide-array of uses. The very valuable drug opium, which is prized for its effects as well as medical uses comes from the poppy plant itself and is harvested by being taken before the poppy head ripens. While poppy seeds can sometimes lead to a false positive on a drug test for opium, they remain a delicious and healthy add-in to many foods and are well-known on the poppy seed roll or poppy seed bagel. The poppy seeds are known for its nutty tastes are taken from the dried fruits of the plant and entirely lack the side-effects of opium. The plant grows up to five feet in height and is the official state flower of California.

Kitchen PharmacyPoppyseed is believed to help reduce couging and treat sleeplessness. Sometimes eating foods with poppyseed in them can cause a false positive drug test for opium.


Origin: Mediterranean
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