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If you are a GMO debate follower, you probably belong to one of four corners in this boxing ring. 1.Anti-GMO, 2.Pro GMO & anti-labeling, 3.Pro GMO, but Pro-labeling, 4. GMO Fence sitter. 

Irrespective of your preferred corner in this debate, you are probably familiar with Golden Rice and have probably read a bit about it. It has become the poster child for the GMO lobby and viewed as a Trojan horse for the watchdogs. Let me explain.

If hybridisation was the cornerstone of the Green Revolution of the 60s & 70s, some would like to see GMOs as the trigger to the next agricultural revolution. It is true that humans are tinkering with the crops for thousands of years.
Evidence of Selective Breeding can be found in Asia.

Rice, Wheat & Corn all came from wild inedible grasses through massive human intervention.

Amla is a unique fruit that is packed with minerals like copper, calcium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and potassium (...more)

A twist on couscous, this South Indian breakfast is a nutritious blend of cream of wheat with vegetables, herbs and spices.(...more)