Geek talkArcticum lappa

But we talkLappa, thorny burr, beggar's buttons clothburr, turkey burrseed, hurr-bur, gobo, bardana, burr seed, hardock, brass burdock, hareburr, cockle buttons, love leaves, happy major

DescriptionA vegetable closely related to the artichoke in both taste and appearance and a member of the thistle family, burdock root is a rather unknown vegetable with enormous benefits. Typically burdock is seen in Japanese dishes, burdock root is known for its crisp texture and off-white coloring. Burdock root is seen to have medicinal benefits and is used very often as an herb to great effect. .

Kitchen PharmacyBurdock root is used as a medicinal herb and is believed to help blood purification as well as blood circulation. In addition it is sometimes been used as a treatment for the scalp.

Nutrition: 1 Cup of cut Burdock Root contains

Origin: Northern Asia and Europe
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