Geek talk:  Trachyspermum ammi

But we talkCarom, bishop's weed, thymol seeds, ajwain(Hindi), omum(Tamil)

DescriptionIt looks a miniature version of cumin but is closest to Thyme in flavor, only stronger (both contain the compound Thymol). You will like it or dislike it, but are unlikely to remain neutral! Used to provide a light top note in Bajji (Bhajiya) or the South Indian Tempura. Carom is really less a spice and more an ingredient in the kitchen pharmacy

Kitchen Pharmacy: For centuries, Indians have widely used it as a digestive and laxative for adults and for preventing colic and stomach aches in babies. 

Nutrition: Serving size: 1 tsp ( or 1.5 grams)

Origin: Middle East (Egypt?) India

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