Geek talkDaucus carota

But we talkWhite carrot, Karot, Carrot

DescriptionOne of the more popular vegetables today, carrots have become well-liked for there sweet taste and health benefits. While most people only know the typical orange-colored carrots, carrots actually do come in red, purple, white and yellow colors as well. The taproot, which is the commonly eaten part of the vegetable grows underground and is a thin tapered cylindrical shape that can grow up to 10 inches tall. Carrots can be eated in a variety of ways such as raw, boiled, fried and steamed and are commonly seen in many vegetable dishes to add taste.

Kitchen PharmacyCarrots are long believed to be very beneficial to overall eyesight. In addition, they are believed to help fight cancer by destroying pre-cancerous cells in tumors. Also, carrots have shown added benefits to blood pressure and controlling of the heart-rate. Growth and development is even believed to be supplemented by a heavy dosage of carrots.

Nutrition: 1 Cup of Raw Chopped Carrot Contains

Origin: Europe and Southwestern Asia

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