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But we talkCelery root, knob celery, leaf celery, stalk celery, celeri, seleri

DescriptionA long green vegetable known for its crunchy taste, celery is a very popular vegetable today. The plant itself can grow to around 1 meter in height and although the stalk is typically the eaten part the leaves and even seeds are very flavorful and often are used as seasoning in soups and stews. Celery is from the same family of plants as carrots, parsley fennel and caraway and although there are multiple types of celery the most commonly eaten type is pascal celery. Celery can be braised, steamed, boiled and eaten raw which is perhaps most common. It is known as a great weight watching food because the typical process of consuming raw celery will burn more calories than the celery has itself. .

Kitchen PharmacyCelery has been shown to be helpful in reducing inflamation as well as lowering blood pressure. In addition, it is believed that celery is helpful in preventing stomach, colon and even bladder cancer. The seeds of celery have also shown to provide enormous health benefits and the leaves are often used a dried herb.

Nutrition: 1 Medium Stalk Celery Contains

Origin: Mediterranean
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