Food for thought

Ashok Vasudevan

A long time ago a teenage classmate of mine in love, said, he knew it was true love because he had come across a definition that seemed to capture his state of mind - "when the security, well-being and happiness of another person becomes as important as your own security, well-being and happiness; a state of love is said to exist”. I honestly don’t know whether that love went anywhere but they seemed major words of wisdom for a teenager and I remember them to this day. 

But why just love? I think this is great Food Philosophy. So, this blog will explore the idea of “ food security, food well-being and food happiness” for all mankind. We hope to have several articles and discussions on how this food philosophy plays out at a global, national, family and individual level.

But for now suffice it to say - We eat. Therefore, we, well and happy!

If you are a GMO debate follower, you probably belong to one of four corners in this boxing ring.
1. Anti-GMO, 2. Pro GMO & anti-labeling, 3. Pro GMO, but Pro-labeling, 4. GMO Fence sitter: 
Irrespective of your preferred corner in this debate, you are probably familiar with Golden Rice and have probably read a bit about it. It has become the poster child for the GMO lobby and viewed as a Trojan horse for the watchdogs. Let me explain.(...more)
Sweden may believe in socialized medicine. The US clearly doesn’t. But despite deep differences in approach, both can agree that it is imperative for  good governments to educate  their population on health and nutrition (...more)
The Scientific American Sep' 13 special issue on Food is quite broad touching a host of issues on food science, food processing and even food politics. The editorial “Fight the GM Food Scare” says “mandatory labels for genetically modified foods are a bad idea”. The argument is weak. Here's why(...more)

“Processed" foods are getting a pounding (mostly deserved) by the media and consumers alike. We are also witnessing state activism as cities and states hope to improve public health by legislation. So what are processed foods and what seems to be the problem?(...more)

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