Geek talkPsidium guajava

But we talkKuawa, pera, amroot

DescriptionA favorite in both the tropics and Central America, guava is a delicious sweet and tart fruit providing great health benefits. Guava fruit are typically green and oval or round shaped and turn to yellow as they become ripe although different color variations exist. The most commonly eaten type and what is typically referred to as just 'guava' is the apple guava although there are numerous varieties. Guava grows on small evergreen shrubs and thrives in warm-weather climates and when ripe is known for its strong musky odor. In some areas parts of the guava is used to aid the production of candles as well as jellies and preserves..

Kitchen PharmacyGuava has long been used for its believed medicinal qualities and today some research has connected guava to fighting cancer, most notably lung and oral, as well bacterial infections, inflammation, and pain. In addition, guava has long been connected to helping halt diarrhea and gastroenteritis and it is believed to posess anti-aging qualities.

Nutrition: 1 Medium Size Fruit Contains

Origin: Central Asia

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