Botanical Name: Carya tomentosa

Common Name: Nuez dura (Esp)

Source: N.America
Description: While the hickory nut has gained wild popularity with the squirrel folk, humans have been slow to enjoy the flavorful hickory nut due to its hard and tough to penetrate shell.

There are seventeen known varieties of the hickory tree 13 of which are native to the U.S.A. and each type will give a different type of nut varying in size, shell thickness, shape and flavor. Two of the more common American varieties are the shagbark, which is known for its strong flavor and small nut, and the far larger shellbark.

Shelled Hickory

Hickory does have great importance not only as a food, but as a wood. Its wood is very hard and is thought to be a great combination of strength, toughness and stiffness that is rare to find. It has been used for tool handles as well as other tools and used to be used to make baseball bats and golf clubs.

Kitchen Pharmacy: Hickory nuts are a great source of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals and are believed to help increase metabolism. In addition, it can help promote good heart health and keep muscles and some organs functioning properly.

Nutrient Information: Serving Size - 1 Tblspn

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