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But we talkHorseradish Root

DescriptionWhile the well-known horseradish sauce is commonly bottled and commercially sold the natural horseradish root provides great benefits and and a delicious accent. While the plant itelf grows up to 5 feet in height, the long and white root of the horseradish is the most commonly sold part. Horseradish has been eaten and used medicinally for thousands of years and has even been mentioned in Greek mythology. A member of the mustard family along with kale and turnips the sauce that comes from the root goes great with many meats and can add great flavoring for soups and stews..

Kitchen PharmacyHorseradish root is believed to have great anti-cancer properties by increasing a humans resistance to cancer and supressing the growth of tumors in some areas of the body. In addition, it is often used to relieve sinus discomfort, increase blood flow and can even act as a natural anti-biotic against certain bacterial infections.

Nutrition: 1 Table Spoon Contains

Origin: Central Europe

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