Lentils and Grains

A Grain of truth

A is for Amaranth, a South American pseudo grain as magical as quinoa. It is also an everyday spinach in south India! One culture’s grain is another’s vegetable! On another note, is it true that par-boiled rice is 80% as nutritious as brown rice, as some researchers show?

Welcome to our granary. Here we discuss cereals, lentils, (and pseudograins!) and provide some basic information, some trivia, some nutri nuggets and the role of some of these in our kitchen pharmacy. Click a lentil/grain below to read more. I think you will agree-there is more than a grain of truth in the goodness of lentils.

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Click on your favorite lentils or grain to know more.

Amaranth      Black-eyed Peas      Black Gram      Brown Lentils      Chickpeas
     Green Gram      Kidney Beans      Corn Quinoa
Red Gram      Rice      Wheat     


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