Minor burns or scads

A great remedy is to apply a light coating of Neosporin Antibiotic and Pain Relief Cream. If you don't have Neosporin handy, or are allergic to antibiotics, here’s one that we use – immediately apply a light coating of any vegetable cooking oil on the burnt area, and sprinkle a few grains of salt over it. This seems to soothe the area and stop the pain sooner.

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  1. Putting any kind of oil or butter on a burn is an old remedy that is no longer recommended, as it traps the heat in the burn, not allowing it to cool down and also making it more painful. I have extensive first aid training, and the first thing to do is pour COOL water over the burn (NOT COLD water, and NOT ICE, as that can damage the skin), or to hold the burned part under cool running water. Salt may be added: mix one tablespoon of sea salt with an 8oz cup of warm water and allow it to COOL Then, slowly pour the solution over your burned skin. Pure salt water is a mild antibiotic to help keep infection out. Hope this helps. NOTE: this is for minor burns; you should see a doctor if there is any question as to the severity of the burn.