Geek talkMentha spicata

But we talkMentha, Spearmint

DescriptionWhile many simply know mint as the big green leaf used to garnsih your mojito or fruits, this healthy and aromatic plant has delicious taste as well. Very popular in Indian cuisine especially lamb dishes, mint is known to add good strong flavor wherever it is used. It has a distinctive vibrant green leaf and the two most popular varieties of mint are spearmint and peppermint. Used as an ingredient in many chewing gums as well as toothpaste and candy, mint is an incredibly versatile vegetable with strong flavor..

Kitchen PharmacyLong used as a medicinal herb for digestion problems such as stomach aches and chest pains, mint also has many uses medicinally. Mint is believed to help reduce congestion due to its strong aroma and many say it helps asthmatics. Lastly, mint has even proven to be a quality insect repellent.

Nutrition: 1 Table Spoon of Mint Contains

Origin: Europe

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