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But we talkMustard Greens

DescriptionNative to India, and very popular today in African and Indian cuisine, mustard greens are another healthy cruciferous vegetable. With edible leaves, stem and seeds, mustard greens are known for their crunchy texture and peppery taste. Mustard greens are sometimes prepared in salads but also are commonly cooked before eating. Grown year round but best from December through April, mustard greens have a strong flavor and the seeds of mustard greens are a major ingredient in dijon mustard..

Kitchen PharmacyAs with many cruciferous vegetables, mustard greens are believed to have anti-cancer properties as one of their many health benefits. In addition, mustard greens have shown to be a good anti-oxidant and anti-flammatory and they are believed to help lower cholesterol.

Nutrition: 1 Cup Contains

Origin: India

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