Geek talkPiper nigrum

But we talkBlack pepper, peppercorn, Molagu, Pippali

DescriptionIt can easily be desribed the "King of Spices" being the most traded and widely used spice in the world. Native to Kerala in India and grown in several tropical zones, Vietnam has today become the world's largest producer. The unripened fruit of the tree is Green pepper which then becomes white pepper when it ripens and dries. The Black pepper we know in our salt and pepper mills in our kitchens and restaurants is the cooked, dried unripe fruit of the tree.

It is Pepper that many will say changed the course of history. The East India Company, British colonization of India, the Portugese sea route to China and the European discovery of America can all be directly linked to the preciousness of this black gold. 

Kitchen PharmacyPepper has a long list of numerous health benefits it can provide. First, pepper is a good aid to digestion by helping cure upset stomachs and preventing intestinal gas. It is said to help those suffering from anorexia by stimulating taste buds, but remains a good way to help manage weight. Pepper can help break up congestion and soothe coughs. Pepper is seen as beneficial for skin health and can even help heal cuts and stop bleeding. It is believed to help prevent cancer especially breast cancer. Lastly, it is even believed that when doing laundry, it can help prevent clothes from having their color fade.

Nutrition: Serving size: 1 tea Spoon
Ground Pepper

Origin: India

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