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DescriptionA vegetable that has proven to have many uses, rhubarb is known for its great flavor and health benefits. While the United States says that rhubarb is a fruit, everywhere else it is considered to be a vegetable. It grows in warm weather climates and can be found pretty much all year round. It has a somewhat tart flavor that turns to sweet when it is cooked. This sweet flavor is perhaps most known in the always delicious rhubarb pie. Rhubarb has a dark red stalk, which is typically the eaten part, with edible green leaves..

Kitchen PharmacyRhubarb has been used for thousands of years medically especially in ancient China. It has been used as a laxative for numerous years and today it is believed to help prevent diabetes as well as support a strong and healthy immune system.

Nutrition: 1 Cup Contains

Origin: East Asia
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