Geek talkBrassica napus

But we talkSwede, neep, Swedish turnip, yellow turnip, Canadian turnip, cabbage root

DescriptionBoth the roots and leaves of the rutabaga are edible, but it is the purple topped spherical root that defines this vegetable. A cross between a turnip and cabbage, rutabaga can be baked boiled and even mashed and in the U.S. they are very popular in stews and casseroles. People living in Scotland and Ireland used to carve rutabagas and use them as a lantern to ward off dark spirits. While it may not protect you from dark spirits, the rutabaga is very healthy and has great flavor..

Kitchen PharmacyRutabagas can help provide good energy along with increasing metabolism, helping heal wounds and aiding bone development. They are also believed to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Nutrition: 85 Grams contains

Origin: Russia or Sweden

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