Geek talkPisum sativum

But we talkChicharo, sitsaro, mangetout

DescriptionSnow peas are a legume and a variety of peas which often gets confused with the similarly named snap peas. Snow peas are known for their edible green pods that are said to have a swet meaty taste with a crisp texture. Snow peas are very popular in stir-fries and soups, but have enough flavor to be eaten on their own as well. Snow peas are also often seen in some salads and they are available year round though best from November to March.

Kitchen PharmacySnow peas are believed to be especially beneficial to those with asthma, arthritis, and diabetes as their anti-inflammatory properties prove especially helpful in those areas. In addition it is believed to help fight the common cold and the flu.

Nutrition: 1 Cup Contains

Origin: Mediterranean

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