Geek talkSpinacia oleracea

But we talkSpinach

DescriptionOwing much of its fame to Popeye's excessive eating of it, spinach has far more benefits than helping you get strong. Native to Asia but popular worldwide, spinach is very popular cooked or even used in some salads or sandwiches. The three most common varieties of spinach are savoy spinach, flat-spinach, and semi-savoy spinach. Spinach is another dark leafy green vegetable but its taste separates it from the rest of the pack..

Kitchen PharmacyPerhaps spinach's greatest health benefit is that it has been seen as very helpful in preventing aggressive prostate cancer. In addition spinach can help lower blood pressure, promote good eye health, help strengthen bones and help skin to prevent wrinkles.

Nutrition: 1 Package Contains

Origin: Central and Southwestern Asia
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