Geek talkCynara cardunculus

But we talkSunroot, earth apple, toplnambour, Jerusalem artichoke, Canada portato, French potato

DescriptionVery commonly referred to as Jerusalem artichokes, suchokes are a species of sunflower that is native to North America. Sunchokes typically grow anywehere from 4-9 ft high and were introduced to Europe in the 1600's by Native Americans in Cape Cod. The eaten part is the underground tuber which bears some resemblance to a potato. While not the most aesthetically pleasing vegetable sunchokes have a sweet and nuttly flavor and can be eaten both raw and cooked..

Kitchen PharmacySunchokes are known to be especially helpful to the intestines and are seen as preventive against gastro-intestinal diseases. They also help normalize our metabolism and are seen as very helpful for the digestive system as a whole.

Nutrition: 1 Cup Contains

Origin: Americas

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