Geek talkSolanum Torvum

But we talkTurkey Berry, Wild Eggplant, Sundakkai (Tamil),Makhua Phuang (Thai), Devil's Fig, Shoo shoo bush

DescriptionTurkey berries are the fruit of this shrub and look like clusters of tiny green peas. This berry is not very widely used in most cuisines, although the plant apparently is found across many continents.

South India and Thailand use the turkey berry in very traditional dishes and they have a slightly bitter note when eaten ripe.  In South India, this berry is dried and preserved (see picture on the right) for months and used in a variety of dishes or even roasted, powdered and eaten with rice. It is also an essential ingredient in some Thai curries, including Green Curry.

Kitchen PharmacyIn South India, the dried berry is believed to aid digestion. Turkey berries have shown to kill many germs and help prevent teeth related diseases. In addition, turkey berry have been linked to helping prevent controlling diabetes, strengthening bones, and helping aid digestion.

Nutrition: Share it with us if you have it.

Origin: Central and Tropical South America
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